2Bnet strives to be a professional integrator in the field of communications and infrastructural data security, to implement and maintain communication arrays in advanced fields, such as IP Telephony, Secure-Wireless, NAC, Network Management, Load Balancing, Network Acceleration and QoS, and to provide its customers with service and a guarantee for all communication solutions; all beyond basic LAN & WAN solutions.

We believe in partnership and managing relationships from a long-term perspective rather than just a single development opportunity.

The Company employs communication experts, holding the most prestigious certificates in the world of communications, such as CCIE, CCNP, CCNA and more.

Communications comprise one of the fields that lead technological development over the past decade. It has been subject to many changes, most of which can be related to the perception of the IP Protocol as a foundation for network applications. Nowadays, the IP Protocol provides extensive services (IP Services), a connection between the world of Data, Audio and Video and thus will allow the integration of any application or future need.

2Bnet holds extensive know-how and expertise in these fields, and is able to customize communication solutions to suit the specific needs of every organization based on the nature of its activity, its tasks, size and budget.


Solutions and services offered by 2Bnet:

  • Local and Wide Area Network (LAN & WAN)
  • Wireless communications and mobile applications
  • IP Telephony services
  • Application acceleration and QoS
  • Cisco data security solutions

Professional Services

The professional services division at 2Bnet offers its customers a wide variety of professional communication services, providing support for the planning, establishment and maintenance of communication arrays as well service contracts for continuous support at the customer's site, Gap Analysis, network testing as a preliminary stage of planning the implementation of new technologies and assistance with solving failures. 2Bnet offers a comprehensive array of LAN/WAN communication solutions, based on the leading manufacturers in the world and focusing on customer needs and the solution most suitable for them.

The investment in proper planning will generate substantial savings on operational costs and will reduce the down times to a minimum.

A reliable and stable communication network is the foundation for advanced and reliable IT services. Communication infrastructures provide the platform on which various computing services are based, whether for running data applications or for transferring voice and video.

2Bnet offers the highest quality of communication solutions to enterprises of all sizes.