2BNet has a wide range of LAN\WAN products for all networking needs and solutions. Our excellent products ensure that your network is redundant, always on-line and secured.

2Bnet has a leading networking team to design and implement your network to support whatever requirements you have.

All our clients enjoy the most advanced designs and implementations that can support every possible feature:
  • Routing and Switching infrastructure
  • Wireless communications
  • MPLS\VPN connectivity
  • Secured network infrastructure and communication
  • Network load balancing
  • Quality of Service (QoS)
  • Network monitoring and analyzing tools
2Bnet ensures world-class services and provides the best products, designs and maintenance services.


2Bnet specializes in the design, implementation and maintenance of advanced Security systems that allow a safe transfer of the audio, video and data from a variety of products.

2Bnet support Security technologies available by Cisco, Checkpoint and Juniper. With the emerging threats of today’s networks, you have to protect it fiercely with the best equipment in the market. 2Bnet can provide complete defense systems, with a leading team that expertise in Security and Networking to design and maintenance your secured network.



2Bnet has many years of experience in Wireless networks projects. We provide a complete suite of products to go side-by-side with our VoIP and Security solutions. The Wireless area of networking is a fragile one – because of all its vulnerabilities, it needs a special attention in the matter of maintenance and un-authorized access prevention. 2Bnet makes sure that your wireless network is online, secure and full-integrated in your network.


2Bnet is a world-leading team of VoIP experts. We design, implement and maintenance a wide range of VoIP projects. Our solutions include IP integrated systems, Mobility services, Home-based\SIP proxy communication, Contact\Call center, Fax support, Language support and a wide range of technology voice features (Messaging, Conferences, Email and more).

NAC (Network Access Control)

2Bnet deliver fully featured Network Access Control (NAC) solutions. We guarantee authentication and authorization, host posture assessment, Quarantine and Remediation, and automated version updating. Our solutions and products are adaptable and collaborative with all your network, security, and authentication devices.