2BControl is a leading modular product that equips the Administrator with easy-to-use network products. 2BControl is Windows platform software that has the following modules:
  • Sniffer@2BControl
  • Backup@2BControl
  • Monitor@2BControl

2BControl will help you to be IN control at all times with your networking utilities to analyze, backup and monitor your network successfully. Every module in the 2BControl product was designed to be simple and easy-to-use but yet very powerful. 


Sniffer@2BControl is a powerful statistic-network-analyzer. It is a unique tool for any network or system administrator that wants to analyze Networks, VLANs, Servers and Workstations. This product is independent of any active network device (like L3-switches, Firewall, and IDS) – It will not utilize any CPU cycles of your network and will capture traffic passively.

Sniffer@2BControl has a very easy-to-use User-Interface and gives you the following features:
  • Analyze your network with specific filters, just like in any firewall (Rules). Create special Groups to monitor.
  • View lots of Statistics and Information of your network for Days and even Weeks
  • Create Action-events according to Statistics and other information (send email, fire-up a script\exe and more)
  • Archive your entire network analyze for a VERY long time. This wasn’t possible until today because every other sniffer saves the entire captures and the hard-drive may collapse.
  • Capture full PCAP sniffer dump file in an event-driven\triggered fashion. These dump-files can be analyzed later by Wireshark\Ethereal or any missionary network analyzer.



Backup@2BControl is a simple but powerful automation tool to backup Cisco network devices configuration remotely.

Backup@2BControl supports SSH or Telnet to communicate with your Cisco devices. Administrator can define Device-profiles according to Location, Roles or Version and use unique credentials for each group or each individual device.

Backup@2BControl integrates completely with your network and can backup up to 20,000 devices.

Backup@2BControl communicates to devices without disturbing the network at all. It uses very low bandwidth and very low CPU power from the resident PC.

Administrator can configure Backup@2BControl to backup the entire Network configuration image remotely in any period of time interval.



Monitor@2BControl is a monitor utility that creates a graphical image of your network and polling its status continuously (Windows platform).

Monitor@2BControl has an awesome Flash user-interface and Graphical view to see your current network state at all times in an amazing technology.

Monitor@2BControl creates a Run-Time image of your network with lots of device Icons – Cisco icons (Routers, Switches, Firewalls and Wireless access-points), HP Pro-curve icons, Servers, Workstations and IP-VoIP devices. You can create layered maps and use it hierarchically to make your work with Monitor@2BControl the best monitoring experience you ever had.

l polls your devices with SNMP, ICMP or HTTP to make sure that your devices are up and running. If you use SNMP it will also poll CPU and Interfaces status.

Monitor@2BControl has very efficient reporting tools to deliver any State or Status notifications to the administrator by E-mail or any executive scripts\exe.

You will find Monitor@2BControl to be a simple but powerful utility to monitor your network and devices.